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September 3, 2020theestimating

If you are planning to buy used equipment, it is good to ask the right questions first before buying it. Keep in mind that there are many things you need to consider when looking for the right used equipment to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

For example, unlike a new machine, you cannot be sure that a used machine is in good working condition. Therefore, ask the right questions to help you get the right used equipment. That said, here are 5 important questions to ask yourself before buying used industrial equipment:

  1. Is the Seller You Want to Buy the Machine from Reputable and Serious?

It is good to determine the transparency and honesty of a seller as soon as possible to avoid wasting your time or getting ripped off. There many tools online that can help you determine whether or not a seller is reliable. Find out about the profile of the company. Does it have more positive than negative reviews? or more negative than positive reviews? What do past clients have to say about the company? Did they encounter problems? If so, how did the seller handle the problems?

Also, remember to ask for guarantees when speaking with the seller. However, some online marketplaces for industrial marketplaces like Exapro don’t display the information of sellers. This is because such marketplaces have an in-house multilingual agent team that does this selection. This enables these marketplaces to provide quality offers for quality exchanges. Every agent checks a list of important points to protect serious buyers or sellers from becoming victims of a scam or waste of time.

  1. How Old Is the Machine and How Many Operating Hours?

It is very important to read the description of a machine and if some information is missing, contact the seller as soon as possible. The question of the number of hours and the age of a machine is sometimes forgotten. It’s important to know the age of a machine and operating hours because some parts may need to be replaced.

These two elements can help you have a rough idea about the machine’s lifetime. The balancing element is the maintenance and parts that have been replaced during the machine’s lifetime. Don’t forget to ask for the machine’s maintenance history.

  1. What is Included in The Equipment?

Since you know the kind of industrial equipment you would like to buy for your company, ensure that nothing is missing regardless of whether you buy the same model or a different one. Determine the essential elements needed for the equipment you want to buy before going to the built-in options and other useful items like the user manual. This can be useful for your current or future operators.

  1. Can You Conduct A Machinery Inspection?

Who would like to purchase a car without test driving it? There is a solution: conducting a machinery inspection. Ideally, you can see it in person. Otherwise, you can also hire an expert independent inspector or a manufacturer’s representative. You can also conduct an online inspection especially if the seller is located far away from you or in another country.

Therefore, distance should not hinder you from buying the right used equipment. If you would like to know the benefits of an online inspection, check our article which lists the benefits of online inspection.

  1. What is The Operating State of The Machine?

It is normal for a used machine to come with wear. However, something unusual may come out during your conversations with the seller or during the inspection and help you know that the machine has a problem. For instance, a used machine may have cracks and rust on important places that could cause costly problems in the future.

Some signs of wear are caused by a significant shock in the past that damaged the equipment. As such, it is important to be careful when shopping for used equipment. You should also pay close attention to the maintenance of the used equipment. Check the engine oil, fluid transmission, coolant, hydraulic fluids, and other fluids.

If the machine you want to buy has an engine, check the quality of the exhaust. A black colour indicates a problem with the air filters (dirt) or faulty injectors. White smoke indicates a problem with the head gasket or compression. However, a blue colour indicates a worn seal.



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