Quantity Surveyors

Every project has its specific difficulties that need resolving by an experienced team of construction experts. Our Quantity Surveyors can assist you at every step from the feasibility stage to practical completion.

   Quantity Surveying Services  UK

Sending packages to subcontractors

Creating Comparisons and negotiating tender packages

Procurement of Subcontractors

Pre-let Meetings and Placing Orders

Site Valuations

Preparation of Applications for Payments and Valuations.

Assessment and negotiation of variations 

Cost Value Reports

Costs to Complete

Final accounts negotiation

Subcontractor & Supplier sourcing

Ongoing Cost Management

Final Accounts

New Builds




Barn conversions

Domestic Extension

Bespoke residential developments

Social Housing

Office Developments

Care Homes

Health Care

Educational developments​

Industrial units



Design and build

We have experience in working as: 

Quantity Surveyors for Subcontractors

Freelance Quantity Surveyors for Main Contractors

Freelance Quantity Surveyors for Developers

Quantity Surveyors for Builders


on projects having a value ranging in between £50,000 and £15,000,000

Quantity Surveying Company

The Estimating Group can provide complete Estimating and Quantity Surveying Services throughout United Kingdom.


We have multiple processes in place to maximise your financial gain and achieve your desired profit margin or even better it.

Our Quantity Surveyors can assist you with sourcing out subcontractors depending on the size of the project, the location and any other requirements your company might have.

Our Freelance Quantity Surveyors can assist your site team with complete quantity surveying activities and can become Lead Quantity Surveyors.

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Our Quantity Surveyors have extensive experience in negotiating all the packages on your behalf resulting in an exponential increase for the profit margins.


When providing Quantity Surveying Services through the duration of the project, we can use our templates or your standard company templates.


The Estimating Software we use is of great assistance as it can easily overlay drawings and our Quantity Surveyors can quickly pick up all the variations from previous issues.          


During the construction stage, our Quantity Surveyors will work closely with your site team in order to achieve your desired end result.

As a priority, we identify all variations as early as possible and try to agree on part of them while always keeping some good bargaining chips for whenever they will be required to be used at a later stage.


We can easily pick up any variations from site visits and asses them accordingly. The Qs Services our consultant quantity surveyors provide can vary dramatically depending on the client's requirements. The Estimating Group offers local (Oxford) quantity surveying services as well as national quantity surveying service (UK). Our commercial quantity surveyors can assist your company with cost planning and project management. When running the construction projects our Quantity Surveyors (while providing freelance qs services) will have a tight grasp on the construction costs. The construction industry became busier and involved every year, and it is hard for the commercial management to keep on top of all the measurement and costing for the continuously updated drawings set for the construction project they are working on. All of our Cost consultants will be able to use a vast portfolio of licensed software and templates which will contribute massively to the smooth running of the job. On occasion, our experienced quantity surveyors can be site based and assist with all the qs services required to ensure the smooth running of the site. Our varied experience as quantity surveyors and senior quantity surveyors can be an asset to any short term or long term project. The resources we have at our disposal from our quantity surveying, estimating department will be used to assist any outgoing project. Our Freelance Quantity Surveyors working on site can assist the management team part time or full time depending on their requirement. We are happy to provide guidance to your trainee/assistant quantity surveyors and help them advance in the art of Quantity Surveying and preparation of bills of quantities and negotiation while focusing on the required quantity surveying tasks .


Our Quantity Surveyors are able to assist your company with monthly valuations, evaluation of the subcontractor’s payments and issuing of payments and pay less notices. Depending on the nature of the company some use a CVR document (Cost Value Reconciliation), some use a CTC document (Cost to Complete) while others prefer to use an MPR document (Monthly Project Report). On request, we can assist with providing freelance Quantity Surveyors.


Our Quantity Surveyors are versatile and can easily adapt to suit each company individuals’ requirements.


We are a great asset to many companies, Contact us so we can become a great asset for your company as well.



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