A quantity surveyor takes up the responsibility of calculating and estimating the quantities of different items used in construction. 


A Q.S. is in-charge of preparing initial estimates of different quantities from site surveys and design drawings, like estimators. Such calculations form the basis for bids by contractors, and even before that, they are sanctioned by relevant authorities for further execution of construction work. 


Not only this, but they also take up the task of preparing interim invoices during execution along with BOQs of agreements. Thus, construction and quantity surveyors are the same regarding duties and responsibilities. It is just that the two terms are used interchangeably. You might find one searching for ‘quantity surveyors near me’ on a ukdatabase and they can provide estimating services.


Known across the industry as a commercial manager and even construction estimator or construction cost consultant, the trainee quantity surveyor is the same as an assistant quantity surveyor. Most quantity surveying companies have them and offer quantity surveying services


Quantity surveyor jobs have gained massive popularity in recent times. We can see qs recruitment happening  , mainly because of the vast income potentials available in this field. Their leading role is to keep a close watch on contractual relationships and project finances.


These professionals ensure that the monetary standing of construction assignments is reported accurately and controlled most effectively. They even take up the task of managing contractual relations between the different parties engaged in certain buildings or construction assignments.


What is a Quantity Surveyor?

The main job profile of a quantity surveyor involves advising clients on potential construction sites. The professional also works out on what his or her clients can afford to construct. This is also called working on the project feasibility of a client.


Providing detailed data on the expenses of specific work elements periodically also forms a relevant job role of a Q.S.


Organising the proper segregation of a construction project into different work packages and awarding the packages to more specialised and smaller building agencies or sub-contractors is also one of the most important job responsibilities of them.


Apart from this, he also deals with legal and contractual matters; manages cost for ensuring that the client does not exceed initial budget; acts as a financial advisor for the clients; monitors project progress; arranges staff payments, and settles final accounts.

What Do They Do in the Field of Construction?

Though their services are required in different fields of work, construction is one field where these professionals are mainly needed. 


There are specific responsibilities and duties in the construction area that can only be satisfied with proper quantity surveyor apprenticeship. 


He has many roles in the field of construction, some of which are:


  • Material Quantity Estimation: As has already been said, they carry out the task of measuring drawings and calculating the quantities of varied materials used in construction, like an estimator. These include sand, cement, steel, aggregates, tiles, paint, blocks, and bricks.
  • Checking Monthly Bills: They check the monthly bills of the contractors and even prepare them based on the work done on the construction site.
  • Procuring Agreements: They take up the responsibility of issuing RFQs or Tenders, holding negotiating meetings, finalising agreements, and issuing agreements or work orders. They also estimate the quantities of materials and carry out rate analysis for submitting tenders, like an estimator.
  • Reconciling Material: Their task also involves preparing Reconciliation statements based on the quantities of different materials obtained, amounts of materials utilised, and balance available on site. They also calculate the quantities of materials wasted on the construction site.
  • Preparing Reports: He also prepares monthly progress reports, cost reports, and cash flow reports in association with a construction project.


Once construction work is complete, the Q.S. produces depreciation schedules of different project elements and offers suggestions on insurance replacement expenditures. 


They even serve as expert witnesses in times of time construction issues and disputes. Some professionals also serve as Arbitrators.

What Makes Them the Best?

It might be very clear to you from the above illustration that they are the monetary whiz-kids of the construction industry. These professionals are numerous, and they control the budget of an entire assignment. A competent surveyor is one who knows a lot about building materials, legislation, and design and even conquest estimating


Top-quality quantitative surveyor are great negotiators and are highly organised at the same time. The professionals performing well in this field can make good earnings as quantity surveyor salary, even as a freelance quantity surveyor. It’s not as simple as just searching for ‘surveyor near me’ on a ukdatabase.


A freelance quantity surveyor, specifically taken up for construction assignments, need to have analytical and orderly minds. They should be all prepped-up to be available at all flexible time schedules.


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