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August 13, 2020rahulkumar

The Estimating Group is a one-stop solution to any construction related services. We aim to present a well-tailored strategy plan to our clients to skyrocket their business.

 An overview of the Construction Industry in UK:

  • Turnover of construction companies in the UK– Some of the top construction companies in UK have generated a turnover of 7.8 Billion British pounds. The Gross Value Added of the construction industry in the UK decreased roughly to 14% amounting to 79.54 billion British pounds in 2009. Gross Value Added of the construction industry in the UK has generated 112.2 billion British pounds as of 2017.
  • Revenue of construction companies in UKThe annual production value of the construction industry in the UK in 2016 had a production value of approximately 288.9 billion euros. As of 2016, the building construction industry in the UK had a production value of 121.9 billion euros.
  • Capital Expenditures of construction companies in UK- The capital expenditure cost associated with the acquisition, construction, or up-gradation of critical fixed land, building, etc. 


Introducing Construction Companies in UK – The Estimating Group

The Estimating Group Ltd. is one of the best Construction Companies in UK, mainly in the construction tendering space, to help reduce financial risks and maximize profit margins.


There is a huge demand for estimators online especially in the construction Industry in UK, for agencies and individuals involved in tendering requirements and contracts. However, availing accurate estimating services is quite a task. 


Estimating services requires a unique skill set that combines statistical and mathematical skills, technical knowledge, critical thinking, analytical skills, etc. And there are very few companies in this space that can handle large projects efficiently. 

The Estimating Group Ltd. – Best Construction Companies in UK

The Estimating Group Ltd one of the leading construction companies in UK that provides pro estimating services to small and medium businesses. 


It has an experienced team of estimators and quantity surveyors that predominantly provides both on-site and online estimating services to businesses across England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Its services include: 


  • Providing estimators online for Subcontractors, Main Contractors, ​​Developers​​, ​​General Builders​​, Suppliers​​, Private Clients, ​Architects​​, etc. 
  • Providing Quantity Surveyors for Subcontractors, Main Contractors, ​​Developers​​, ​​General Builders​​, and Private Clients. 


Unique Work Approach of the Best Construction Companies in UK

Cost estimation processes can be extremely tricky if not done with due diligence Here comes the importance of a recognized and credible estimation service. 


The Estimating Group Ltd., along with its team of estimators online have been in business for many years, and have emerged as one of the top estimating services in the UK. 


Hundreds of satisfied clients across the UK, who have been able to close major contracts and tenders, are a testimony to the company’s expertise in providing pro estimating services.


To achieve the highest accuracy, the company’s estimators online provide a detailed schedule of labour, plant, and materials, along with cost estimation. 


They take various inputs by the client into account and create realistic cost estimations. 


Depending upon important project details like engineering drawings, specifications, tender documents, and other relevant information provided by the client, the company’s estimators online provide bills of quantities, schedules of works, and cost plans, before arriving at the final cost estimation. 


The main aim of its contract estimating services is to reduce the financial risks and maximize profit margins. If we go by the feedback of the company’s clients, it has been able to successfully achieve that. 


Over the last few years, The Estimating Group Ltd. has emerged as a pioneer in the construction industry in UK mainly in the field of estimating services.

Why should you choose Estimating Group Ltd over other estimating services?

One of the factors that differentiate The Estimating Group Ltd from other building estimating services is its custom-approach. Its well-qualified group of estimators online treat each project separately and adopt unique estimation techniques for each of them – depending upon the industry and exact estimation objective. 


Moreover, it enables service-seekers to individually interact with estimators online on its website, so that they can get a clear idea about the premise of the estimation services that they are looking for.


The company has a large pool of estimators online who can handle construction and civil projects starting from £50,000 up to £25,000,000. 


‘We are visionary Estimators online, and Qs’s that look to the future and go over the extra mile to deliver excellent quality in our work. We take pride in the high level of service that our Estimators and Quantity Surveyors provide. Instead of focusing on the quantity, we are focusing on the quality aspect.’ – Estimating Group Ltd. 


Apart from providing generalized construction estimating services, the company is also involved in a number of other niche sectors. 


These include – electrical estimating services, plumbing estimating services, roof estimating services, etc.

Construction Companies in UK – Conclusion

Apart from being one of the leading consultancy firms of construction companies in UK. The Estimating Group Ltd. also acts as the One-Stop-Shop for construction-UK Databases. 


It houses a wide range of UK Subcontractors Database, UK Freelancers Database, UK Suppliers Database, etc. 


Using these, one can get hold of the best subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, construction companies, or even estate agents. Since its inception, The Estimating Group Ltd. has always contributed to the advancement of the Construction Industry in the UK.


All in all, The Estimating Group Ltd. is an end-to-end solution for anyone looking to hire estimators online for accurate estimating services, cost consultancy, quantity surveying services, and much more. 


You can know more about the company at https://www.theestimatinggroup.co.uk


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