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The purpose of this database is to bring the freelancers, consultants and practices closer to the clients and the construction companies.

Having the right people in the right positions is paramount to the successful delivery of your project.

A construction project cannot become reality unless it is filtered and polished through the specialists in the field.

What if instead of searching days for the Architect, the Structural Engineer, the Principal Quantity Surveyor or all the other consultants or freelancers you require for the project delivery you would have a document where you can find all of them in once place. You can filter through them easily, you can check their websites, you can choose local consultants, you can see their accreditations and you can see how many years they have been trading.

Search no more as we have created this Database for you.

We update this database at least twice a month ensuring an up to date database. So make sure you come and check the updated database regularly especially on the 8th and the 22nd of each month.

As we are constantly trying to improve the service we are providing, If you have any suggestions, please email us at [email protected].

You can find our database by searching for any of the below:

architects, architects near me, local architects, freelance architect, structural engineer, structural engineer near me, structural engineers near me, structural engineer uk, setting out engineer, site engineer, setting out services, project management, project manager, project coordinator, construction project manager, quantity surveyor, freelance quantity surveyor, mechanical design, building services, electrical design, m&e contractors, client quantity surveyor, professional quantity surveyor, pqs, lead generator, consultant, freelancer, architect, project management, construction database, practice,

Architects near me
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structural engineer near me

Moz Keyword Research tools estimate that the monthly google searches for some of the consultants are as follow:

architect 9,772 | architects 3,629 | architects near me 3,292 | local architects 319 | freelance architect 46
structural engineer 6,444 | structural engineer near me 1,422 | structural engineers near me 297| structural engineer uk 46
setting out engineer 552 | site engineer 329 | setting out services 11
project management 9,854 | project manager 2414 | project coordinator 1,195 | construction project manager 205
quantity surveyor 9,419 | freelance quantity surveyor 467 | quantity surveyors 119 | quantity surveyors near me 161
estimator 663 | cost estimator 31 | construction estimator 24| building estimator 21 |
mechanical design 62 | building services 693 | electrical design 176 | m&e contractors 147
client quantity surveyor 11 | professional quantity surveyor 3 | pqs 800|
Lead generator 300| consultant 5,400| Freelancer 20,900| Construction database 10| Practice 20,900|

No matter how the construction companies or clients search for you, our database will be a real asset to them so join now.

Although some freelancers or consultants have a clear advantage in front of others it is clear the competition is very tough in the construction industry but if you have the skill, the quality and determination you can outmatch the other companies by becoming part of our database. You can read general information about consultants on Wikipedia or search for more information on google.

If you haven’t registered to the UK Freelancers, Consultants and Practices -FCPD- register here now!

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