How much does it cost to build a house

how much does it cost to build a house

The Estimator and/or Quantity Surveyor (QS) is the expert in the art of costing a building at all stages and will bring much value to a project. Managing all costs relating to the construction from the design stage up to the finished project it can be sometimes referred to as building estimator, cost estimator or cost consultant. The Estimating Group provides estimating and quantity surveying services to private clients and general members of the public. We always seek to minimise the cost of a project and enhance value for money while still achieving the required standards and quality.

The cost of building a house in the UK will vary dramatically depending on the area it is built. As opposed to using an online building cost calculator which works on a rate per square meter for all the projects, without taking into account the risks or site conditions our estimators will accurately measure and create the bill of quantities for your project and this will reflect an accurate representation of the real cost to build. This will you will be able to budget accordingly and you won’t have any surprises such as the cost of building a house in the UK being twice or three times as much as the online building cost calculator showed.

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How much does it cost to build a house in the UK? How much does it cost to build an extension? How much does it cost to build an annexe? How much will my driveway cost? How much will my new roof cost? how much will my bathroom renovation cost? How much will my garage cost -We can answer your every question.

We can price any jobs. The Estimating Group can provide you with accurate responses to all the construction cost related answers. We can even assist you with finding builders to undertake the project you require.

We can provide a cost breakdown for building the house and a cost breakdown for any construction-related works. After the creation of the bill of quantities, you would be able to find exactly how much it is gonna cost to build your dream house in the UK.

Our Quantity Surveyors can assist with house extension costs, loft conversions, new pitched roofs, new flat roofs, timber framing, house refurbishment costs and many more depending on your requirements.

Using our estimating software we can quickly take off any extension projects or any new build projects and by using our bill of quantities creation software we can generate accurately how much it will cost to build your project. We can even assist you with small projects like building a garage, building an annexe, renovating your house, rear extensions and conversions. We are happy to explain the build process and assist you with various tasks in dealing with the building companies.

If you are looking for a company to assist you with building your dream project take a look at our free database as this will save you many hours of searching.

Each project is unique in its way, and the costs will differ from project to project. If you are only looking for budget costing to check what would be the costs of building an extension, be it a single-storey extension, a double-storey extension or an entirely new build we can use market rates to create a budget value price for your project. How much would a new bathroom cost in the UK- we can provide you with your answer. If you require a driveway paving cost estimate for the UK, or an estimated extension build costs or a decking calculator cost estimation don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you have decided to build a house in the UK, we can assist you with taking off and creating a bill of quantities.  This will be sent to local builders to get their prices, and on the return of the priced bills of quantities, we will do a comparison document where we will go through each exclusion and make allowances to guarantee all prices are on a like for like basis.

Building an extension or a new build can be challenging if there is no previous experience in this field, but our Estimators and Quantity Surveyors can assist you and guide you at each step. Once agreed on the company that you would like to proceed to build the project with, they will have to submit monthly valuations and we can assist you with assessing if either they have done the work they are claiming or if they are over claiming on their assessment.

Our Estimators and Quantity surveyors will be managing variations, assessing their costs or savings, and we will be negotiating on your behalf. The cost of building a house in the UK can vary dramatically but we can assist you to create an accurate budget. If you would like to lear more you can read more on Wikipedia or search for more information on google. We can help you achieve building your project while working to your budget so please contact us to discuss how we can assist you today.

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