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Ultimate solution for a professional business holder. Best for a professional business owner that needs of offer multiple services to wide range of people.


Bello Premium package includes absolutely all of the features offered for a single listing, including the location, basic contact data, email and website, as well as all image gallery options, multiple videos, all amenities and all booking options the Bello offers. It also allows users their listings to be featured on the search results, boosting visibility and business profits.

Here’s what you’ll get included:
  • -£99 per post. 1000 Words maximum, maximum of 10 keywords 
  • Create the article that best reflects your business and let us post it so you can enjoy the backlinks for your top keywords.
  • All photo and video galleries included
  • All social networks included
  • Unlimited visibility
  • Professional options

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For tender or project enquiries email us at [email protected]
Tel:  07512587400
For any enquiries regarding construction databases enquiries email us at [email protected]
For any enquiries regarding advertising email us at [email protected]

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