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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.
Search Engine Optimisation is the practice to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through getting your keywords ranking on the organic search engine results.

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How to improve your SEO on google. How to rank a website?

There are two main categories for SEO. On page SEO and Off page SEO.

In order to rank your website for multiple keywords, you need to focus on both. Although ranking a website is relative, and it depends massively on your competition for those particular keywords, the same principle applies. Ranking one website can be easier or more difficult than another.

On page SEO

This refers to the changes you can make on your website to improve the search engine optimisation.

1) Keywords

Keywords especially long-tail keywords, are still of great importance when wanting to improve the ranking for a particular search on google. It is recommended to do a thorough keyword research and check the search volumes and difficulty to rank for a specific phrase or word. There are many keywords research tools out there but, for this particular task, we have chosen

For example, if we would like to search for high quality back-links we can notice the competition is high. Ignoring the search volume, it will be quite hard to rank for this keyword if you don’t have an established website.

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If we add to the mix a couple more words and try to target UK as a country the keyword would become “high quality back-links for UK”.

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The competition for this keyword has decreased significantly, and even a new website would have a chance to rank for this long tail keyword.

2) Meta Description

The meta description is the short text that appears below an URL when displaying a search engine result page. If we try searching for meta description on google, this is the second result that appears. Underneath the Page Title- meta description magic: Think less about SEO…you will notice the description of the page.

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Ideally you will create a natural flowing description which will encompass the main keywords you would like to rank for.

3) Page title

Searching for a long tail keyword such as: estimating and quantity surveying services UK our website appears to rank 1st on google.

The page title is The Estimating Group LTD: Home.

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Ideally, the Page Title Should Contain your primary Keyword as well as your brand’s name

4. Alt Text

Alt text is the word or phrase that is behind the pictures to assist google to help it be indexed for searches. These would often contribute to the SERP feature and assist in gaining more visibility.

5. Title Tag

Every content needs a title or multiple sub-titles (headers). Having your main keyword inside the header would help boost the rankings for that keyword.


Page security and enabling Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is crucial for improving your website trustworthiness and visibility.

7. URL Structure

Search engine crawl the web pages automatically, and it is very important to have an organised URL structure on your website. Having your main keyword in the URL structure will help with the ranking of the keyword.

8. Internal Linking

Internal linking is particularly important for every website. It keeps visitors engaged longer and will help boost your rankings, and it will show google your pages are relevant and can attract visitors.

9. Page speed.

Page speed helps boost your rankings. Pages that take a long time to load will make users leave your website, and it will increase your bounce rate. Search engines evaluate this and use it as a key page ranking factor so it’s important for marketers to improve the page speed on your website.

All of the above are quite easy to achieve and complete and will contribute massively to improving the performance and visibility of your website Unfortunately, many small and medium business who don’t have an IT department or who don’t hire professionals to do these tasks, stop here, thinking, I’ve done everything I could have done I will wait for my rankings to increase. Some manage to rank an easy to rank keyword that doesn’t generate enough traffic and think they have done a great job, and they don’t proceed with doing the off-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO

While the on-page SEO relates to the factors that you can control on your own website, off page SEO refers to the page ranking factors that occur off your website. You can have the best-optimized on-page SEO website in the world but, if you don’t have backlinks from other websites pointing back to yours, your keywords will never rank because the competition invested time and effort into their off page SEO process.

What are the factors for the off-page SEO that you must consider in order to maximise your rankings?

1. Backlinks

The most common is the number and quality of back-links you have to your website. The more the sites link back to your content, the more domain authority Google grants your site, hence boosting your rankings. Do not fall into the trap of buying many promotional back-links packages spending thousands of pounds to try to improve your DA. Google does not approve of these tactics and may get your website penalised. Not to mention the spam rating of those back-links will actually have a negative effect on your website instead of improving it.

Guest blogging if done right remains one of the safest ways to obtain high quality back-links.

The frequency you get your back-links matter as well. It is good practice to try to get a couple of back-links every week and keep going at it. If for some reason you stop creating back-links your pages after a while will have their status decreased. The most important ranking factor in SEO is the Domain Authority.

We provide a great safe SEO service where we can increase every domain authority up to DA40+, This will also naturally increase the Page authority. It can take us any time between 30 days to 60 days, but we will successfully help your website become an authority. Contact us to discuss in detail.

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Once your Domain Authority increases, the page authority for all your web pages increases as well. An as an example when creating a new webpage instead of having a page authority of 1 it will start directly with PA20+ and if the competition hasn’t used this service than you will have very high chances of rapidly overtaking and exceeding them in google searches.

We can provide guest blogging services to keep that authority and create do follow natural anchor texts to improve the ranking of the keywords you are targeting. Contact us for guest posting opportunities.

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Domain age plays an important factor as well as an older website will perform much better than a newly created website.

If you are only interested in obtaining visibility and one back-link and you are involved in the construction industry, contact us to become part of our construction directory.

2. Domain Rating

Domain rating measures the quality and size of a website’s back-link profile. Similar to the domain authority this is measured from a scale of one to 100. A website with a high DR can take advantage of this by the means of internal linking.

3. Social Promotion

While Page ranking isn’t directly tied with the interactions obtained on social media, social posts that obtain many clicks will certainly help boost traffic to the website and generate quite a few link shares thus increasing visibility overall.

There are hundreds of factors to take into account when trying to rank a keyword and improve the overall website performance.

If you would require assistance with the on-page SEO and off-page SEO our affiliates will be happy to assist you with everything. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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