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September 19, 2020ukdatabase
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The construction industry is one of the major contributors of waste materials globally. And, according to a report from Transparency Market Research, the volume of construction waste is predicted to double to 2.2 billion tons by the year 2025.

During a building construction phase, normally, tons of waste will be produced at the on-site daily, with this it is important to haul-out all these extra materials and waste as soon as possible.

While the client can opt to do dispose of waste materials, it is far more beneficial to hire a certified construction waste removal service. This kind of service has many types. Some removal services can have their waste management facility where they can process the waste while other services are just pure haulers but they do have contact with a waste management facility; and some construction firms have their waste disposal service. Typically, contractors already have a waste disposal service they work with so finding such a service is not a concern for the client.

So, what are the benefits of hiring a waste removals service?

  1. Health and Safety– Typically, removal companies have their staff hired by the that are trained in handling all types of wastes, most especially the hazardous materials. Removal companies have trained personnel that comes with full PPE gears as well as complete equipment and the right vehicle for disposing of construction waste.
  2. Waste Processing Facility– Removal companies will either have their waste management facility or partnered with a reputable waste management facility. This provides owners and project managers hassle and worry-free service. Responsible waste management helps the environment while keeping the site free of hazardous and dangerous construction waste.
  3. Save Time at the Construction Site– Having a separate service that will haul-out all the waste from the construction site such as debris and mixed waste materials regularly, saves valuable construction time. Construction projects are time-sensitive especially since pretty much all projects have deadlines that need to be met and the last thing you need is a bunch of delays because you have to divide your manpower between construction workers and waste disposal teams. With a separate team hauling all the waste, the site is kept safe and clean for the construction crew to work on every day.
  4. Cost-Effective– Some businesses owners or clients think they can save money by not hiring a specific group of people to handle the waste disposal, thinking that the construction crew are enough, but going this route can cost the client more as they have to purchase all the necessary tools and vehicles, not to mention hire more people than necessary just for the sole purpose of waste disposal. Or they can be stingy and divide the workforce whenever it’s time to dispose of waste.
  5. Legal Requirements– Dumping waste is not a light issue. Different states have a different take on how to manage waste. So, if you have a stingy business owner looking to save every pound, you can bet there will be “shortcuts”. So, leave the responsibility of waste disposal to a reputable company instead.
  6. Tax Cuts and other Perks– Depending on where the construction is happening, the local government can offer some perks and benefits to construction companies or clients who hire legitimate waste disposal services so it’s a good business plan to not miss out on such opportunities.

The job of disposing tons of waste daily is time-consuming so you, as a business or client, don’t have to put everything on your shoulders. Hire the right people with the right knowledge because everybody’s safety is on the line. Also, if you are a startup company, being environmentally conscious can help build up your public image especially now when there’s an effort in society to help save the environment. Specifically, if you are looking for a reliable removals company in Bournemouth and across the UK, then give these guys a call. They provide an exceptional service at a great price.



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